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2015 Interim and Mid-Point Report


In 2015, UCR submitted two reports to the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC), Senior College and University Commission.

In March 2015, UCR submitted an Interim Report detailing the progress the institution has made in the following areas: (1) assessment in undergraduate education, (2) assessment in general education, (3) assessment in graduate education, and (4) the status of the strategic planning process. A copy of the report and appendices can be found below. In July 2015, a conference call was held with key personnel at UCR and WASC. WASC provided a written reply to the report that same month. Both the phone conversation and letter were largely positive, with WASC recognizing that “UCR has achieved considerable progress,” and at the same time, WASC encouraged UCR to “capture the momentum generated” to continue to make improvements in these areas.

UCR Interim Report


WASC Letter

In July 2015, UCR also submitted a Mid-Cycle Report to WASC. This is a new requirement, largely focused on providing additional accountability in an age of increased public scrutiny.  The Mid-Cycle Report occurs at the mid-point of the eight to ten year (re)affirmation of accreditation cycle. UCR’s report provided updates on assessment of student learning for programs that have undergone program review in the last two years.

UCR Mid-Cycle Report