WASC Reaccreditation

2018 Accreditation Process


How the draft of UCR's self-study was created

In December of 2016 there was a “kickoff” meeting to brief key leaders from the academic senate, the deans’ offices and other faculty and administrators about the reaccreditation process. Following that, the Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education (and campus Accreditation Liaison Officer) convened a reaccreditation workgroup to begin assembling a draft of the institutional report. This has already involved meetings and discussions with individuals from across campus and will continue to do so. The workgroup completed a draft near the end of the spring quarter and shared it with the campus in the fall of 2017. The draft was revised in light of that feedback and will be submitted to WASC in January of 2018. 

The members of the reaccreditation workgroup are:

  • Alicia Arrizon, CHASS Associate Dean of Students and Associate Professor of Gender and Sexuality Studies
  • Ken Baerenklau, Associate Provost and Associate Professor in the School of Public Policy
  • Richard Cardullo, Interim Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education and campus’ AccreditationLiaison Officer to WASC
  • Gary Coyne, Director of Evaluation and Assessment, Undergraduate Education
  • George Haggerty, Professor and Chair of English and Faculty Reaccreditation Director
  • Nigel Hughes, Professor of Earth Science
  • Matt Hull, Associate Vice Chancellor for Planning and Budget
  • Erith Jaffe-Berg, Professor and Chair of Theater, Film and Digital Production
  • Michael McKibben, CNAS Divisional Dean of Student Affairs and Associate Professor of Geology
  • Linda Walling, Professor of Botany and Plant Sciences and member of the Committee on Education Policy
  • Georgia Warnke, Professor of Political Science, Director of the Center for Ideas and Society and member of the Committee on Academic Personnel

WASC will review the self-study and related documentation in winter in spring of 2018 so that the campus can prepare for the accreditation visit in October of 2018.



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